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How It Works

Our Process of creating your video allows you to walk through each and every single stage with us whilst we create your video so you never left in the dark!

 STAGE 1  –   Idea Generation

pencilWe connect with you and ask you a few questions or send you a brief questionnaire to better understand the nature of your product/service you are trying to promote so as to get the main message you want to get across delivered in a way that will cause prospects/leads to take immediate ACTION!

STAGE 2 Scripting/Copywriting

script_editorWe make your message as important to your customers as it is to you. Scriptwriters/copywriters will structure/tailor your message to make it clear, precise and in a way that will get your audience to take the desired result.

STAGE 3 Storyboard

whiteboardOur team of highly skilled and talented artists, get down to work on creating the visuals of each scene that will bring the animation to life and really give that powerful feel that will get your audience loving every single moment of your video.

STAGE 4 Voice Over

soundThis is an optional addition to your video but very useful as it helps emphasis the point you want to drive. We do professional, studio quality voice overs in several different languages ranging from Spanish, French, German and of course English to name a few.

STAGE 5 Final Production/Animation

videoThis is where we put background music, sound effects and sync all motions, words and voice over (if included) into your video. This is where your video really comes to life! We then give you the video for review.

STAGE 6 Video Completion

movieThis is the final editing stage, after all the revisions have been made and you are happy with it. All our videos are in FULL HD and are given out in .MP4 highly quality format. The estimated time of delivery can be seen on our pricing tab, however on average a video will take 10-14 days to complete.


We use a Formula for each of our explainer videos called A.I.D.A. which stands for:

  1. Grab Attention

  2. Build Interest

  3. Cultivate Desire

  4. Add a Call To Action

This insures that the videos we make for you will always be a HIGH CONVERTING success!