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5 Killer Ways To Increase Sales With Video Animation

5 Killer Ways To Increases Sales With Video Animation

Video is one of the most engaging forms of media that is used in the industry today by all kinds of individuals, businesses, and big corporate around the world!

There are many different types of video or ways in which one can create video to keep the end user engaged. A few ways one can create video is by the following:

  • Live Video
  • Explainer Videos
  • Collaboration of different Clips
  • Animated Videos
  • Screen Capture Type Videos
  • And More

And this brings us to the to 1st point:

1. Create High Quality Videos

This may seem obvious but there are companies and small businesses out there all the time that create mediocre type videos which in the end just loses your audiences’ attention a lot faster.

Do you ever wonder why that all the Television adverts are so short yet at the same time cost so much money to air? Well the reason why they are so short is not just because of the cost but because with traditional video people lose their attention between 30-45 seconds. With video animation however that is not the case.

So use animated videos in your marketing efforts/campaigns!


2. Putting it on your Website

85% Of Website Visitors Are More Likely To Buy on a website with a video on it. why? Because video entertains, engages an inspires and most importantly unlike just plain words on a screen it caters to 2 senses. Sound and Sight.



3. Putting Your Video On YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world! Has over 4 BILLION views a day! With over 1 Billion users and over 100 videos uploaded every minute and  increasing it would be senseless to ignore this medium. Mobile equates to 40% of video traffic ie 40% of mobile users watch videos on their phones.


4. Have a Call-To-Action

It is amazing how companies and people will spend thousands on a video and end it without giving some type of call to action. People like being told what to do. For example: “To find out more click on the link below” or “Call the number on your screen right now to take advantage of this special offer” or “if you liked this please email us at info@italianbistro.com to claim your coupon”


5. Make Sure Its Responsive

We already now know that mobile contributes to 40% of video traffic/viewership as stated previously. Mobile is the future and this being the case if you do not have video that is compatible with mobile devices than that is 43% of potential clients that could have viewed your video gone.

NB: Do these 5 steps and watch your sales sore through the roof. And if you are still on the edge about video and its importance, here is an infographic by www.polycom.com illustrating the importance of video:
4 Things You Need to Learn about Video Collaboration Today

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